What is PLC and how it works?

PLC Control Panels are one of the essential electrical distribution support structure which helps in electrical energy transmission, load sharing, load management and other electricity distribution related activities. It has become demand of time now-a-days that uninterruptible power supply to be available in residential high-rise buildings, Hospitals, shopping malls, research institutes, educational institutions and other such institutions.

For this PLC Controller plays a major role where uninterruptable power supplies as well as switching of power supplies from lower load to higher load and vice versa becomes operational.

Now, let us evaluate how PLC work:

A programmable logic controller is a computer equipped with Artificial Intelligence used to control machines processes and systems. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are computers with modular arrangement and can be
programmed for Industrial application designed to automate customized control processes. Integrated PLC Panel can monitor

processes and substantiate data as per utilization pattern.

PLCs are Artificial Intelligence clad computers; reads commands as inputs, operates as per logic On inputs command in the CPU and then switches on or off outputs based on pre-fed logic.

Three basic constituents of PLC are

  • The power supply and rack
  • The central processing unit (CPU)
  • The input/output (I/O) section

PLCs come in many shapes and sizes and can befit in a palm or may require a large PLC rack. For Selecting modules processors would be the number of I/O points. Each PLC processor will respond to limited number of I/O modules. One of the requisites for choosing processors is Memory size (for data storage or program storage) and Performance (scan time depends on the processor). Program size of PLC is proportionate to multidimensional use of the control, expertise and art of the programmer.

A PLC correct in memory size and speed needs to be selected based on the application as mentioned below.

  • Purge and Pressurized panels
  • Flameproof and Explosion Proof Panels
  • SIL Safety PLC systems
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • IEC 61439 Type Tested Assembly panels

Advantages of PLC are :

  • Switching swiftly to I/O
  • Fast responsive
  • Easy maintenance
  • Capable to handle complex switching operations

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