Why Power Failure Increase in Summer

power failure

We are discussing here, the no. of cases of power failure are increasing in electrical distribution system in summer seasons. We all must have aware of now a day we see that there are various break downs in power supply in nights, Various short circuit in overhead lines and various transformer burning cases.

You will also notice that this type of breakdowns did not happen in cool weathered area or in cool environment. There are various reasons behind this type of distinct phenomena. Some are described below: –

  • Derating of electrical Equipments in Summer

The electrical equipments are usually designed for the ambient temperature of 40°C but in summer the ambient temperature somewhere around 50°C so that this results in derating of electrical equipments.

For Example: If MCB rating is 32A then in summer it will resist only around 25A. So, MCB rating reduces 32A to around 25A. In the same way Switchgear/ Transformer installed in power distribution network derate the electrical equipments that’s why pwer failure increase in summer season.

  • Increased Load of ACs, coolers, Refrigerators and HVACs equipments in summer

In summer season, the temperature is rising day by day. Mercury is hitting 50°C in several part of India. To beat the heat people are installing ACs in their rooms and offices. Some people are using Coolers to beat the summer heat. Many commercial places are using HVACs is summer in full swing to find relief from heat. Most of people are using refrigerator to stay food fresh longer and keep the water cold. Due to that electricity demand increase but the power generation is limited to some extent. The government regularly evaluating the increase in demand and tries to increase of power generation with the help of solar pawer, Wind power and nuclear power but this is also limited to some extent so, the power cut is happening to diversify the load through which load shedding is done. That’s why break down/ short circuit happens in summer season.

  • Derating of transformers

Similar like derating of switchgears, there is derating in transformer that from which power distribute the area. For example: There is 1000 KVA transformer installed in sub-station to feed colonies as the temperature rises the rating of transformers decreases or derate approx. 700-800KVA. Now where the AC demand is increasing due to increase in temperature the rating of transformer is decreasing due to the same this result breakdown or burning of transformer. That’s why breakdown/short circuit happens in summer season.

  • Improper/Loose connections in overhead lines

We all must aware of these connections made by lineman everywhere but due to hot weather overhead lines sag in summer and if amount of sag is very high, the overhead line swing at higher amplitude due to gusty wind and may contact with alongside overhead lines. This may result in breakdowns/short circuits in summer season.

These are some reasons behind unscheduled and prolonged power cut, breakdown or short circuit in summer season. Government unable to match demand and supply of power in summer seasons at the same time derating of electrical equipments cause break down.

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