Energy management systems (EMS) are automation systems that collect energy measurement data from the field and making it available to users through graphics, online monitoring tools, and energy quality analyzers, thus enabling the management of energy resources.

An EMS (Energy Management System) is a software used by a company to manage its energy consumption.

Energy Management Software’s allow industrial groups and companies in the tertiary sector to deepen the analysis of their energy data. Furthermore, it can identify possible drifts which can further reduce carbon impact and costs on a continuous basis.


An EMS system provides a clear overview of consumption both globally, by geographical area and for each site by energy type. Simple and customizable dashboards allow each stakeholder to quickly identify their issues and access reports as needed.

The benefits of an EMS are mainly to measure energy consumption, reduce costs, reduce needs and carbon emissions. They also allow groups to respect legislations more easily and to engage the teams in an environmentally conscious approach.

Beyond Energy Managers, buyers and CSR teams: an EMS offers many benefits to each department of the entity, from maintenance to governance, including finance, IT and supply chain.

A cloud-based Energy Management Software is ideal. It facilitates fast deployment, cost-effective scalability and the possibility to work anywhere and from any type of terminal.


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