The aim is to create an efficient and balanced overall system in which surplus energy can always flow exactly where it is needed. It is based on maximum electrification as well as the subsequent digitalization, networking, and automation of all sectors.

The proposed modified intelligent monitoring and controlling system will introduce monitoring, alarming, controlling, and power quality mitigation based on data collected and analyzed from the system.


The original system can afford the following features:

  • Complete information about the plant (circuit breakers status, source of feeding, and level of the consumed power).
  • Information about the operating values of the voltage, operating values of the transformers, operating values of the medium voltage, load feeders, operating values of the generators. These values will assist in getting any action to return the plant to its normal operation by minimum costs.
  • Protective information such as the insulation of cables, temperatures of the generators. These parameters are used as a back up for the main protection.
  • Information about the quality of the system (harmonics, current, voltages, power factors, flickers, etc.). These values will be very essential in case of future correction.
  • Recorded information such case voltage spikes, reducing the voltage on the medium or current interruption.


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