HT Panels are used to operate electrical system at voltage higher than 1000V. In HT panels, high tension switchgear is a critical component that acts as a central hub for controlling and distributing electrical power, ensuring efficient power management, and protecting against electrical faults.

High Tension Panels are consists of various components to work harmoniously facilitating safe power transmission and distribution:

  1. Circuit Breakers Interrupt the flow of electricity in the event of an overload or a fault, thus protecting the system from damage.
  2. Isolators disconnect specific parts of the electrical network in case of emergency or for maintenance purpose.
  3. Current transformers measure the flowing current of the system to provide accurate readings for monitoring and control purposes.
  4. Voltage Transformers are used for step-down Voltages to a manageable level for accurate measurement of voltage and also provide suitable voltage to instruments and control system.

HT Panels are available in various configurations and designed to meet specific voltage levels and applications. Indoor High-Tension Panels are suitable for inside indoor installations and control rooms, thus protecting against dust, moisture and other environmental factors.

Outdoor High-Tension Panels are built to installed in outdoor substations and power distribution yards ensuring uninterrupted power supply in all-weather condition.

Ring Main Units are HT Voltage cabinet comprising of input and output cable compartments. A single breaker can isolate these compartments connected to cable. The compartments are filled with load breakers and protective fuses. The ring main units compartment are available in two, four and six numbers setup.

HT Panels work on principle of selective coordination and fault containment. The circuit breaker trips HT Panels if an overload or fault occurs thus interrupting the flow of current and isolating the fault spreading to electrical network, minimizing damage to other unaffected sections ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

High Tension Panels manage the crucial functions in high voltage electrical systems for power distribution, load management and fault protection, ensuring efficient power flow, balanced power distribution, preventing overloads and safety to equipment and personnel.

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