What is an Electrical Control Panel?

An electrical control panel is a rigid enclosure housing combination of electrical devices using electric power to control and monitor mechanical functions of mechanical equipments or machinery. It comprises of mainly two parts i.e. panel enclosure and electrical components.

  • The electrical control panels are customized solutions for a particular installation. The electrical control panels are integral part of the systems.
  • The electrical control panels are fitted with switchgears, relays, controllers, PLC, push buttons, indication lamps, etc to accomplish the desired functions. The measuring instruments are also used to monitor and control the functions. The combination of devices are used to achieve desired functions in a particular manner.
  • The electrical control panel are provided with protection/safety advice such as high and low voltage relays, phase reversal, phase imbalance, simple phase preventens, reverse power, eath leaquage, restricted earth fault, over and under frequancy relays etc
  • The electrical control panels are either enclosed or open containing power circuit components control and circuit components or combination.
  • The electrical control panel operate on low voltage less than 440V to operate wide range of industrial equipments such as Pumps, Motors, Engines, Industrial, Machinery, Heaters, Lighting, HVAC systems etc.
  • The electrical control panel maintenance is made easier by good design, properly labelling of all wiring, terminals and components, providing adequate space etc.

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