Sandwich Busduct: Make Your Power Distribution Channel More Flexible

Construction projects tend to have large-scale and diverse electrical setups where the electrical supply needs to be coordinated and controlled. After all, an extensive amount of instrument sand equipment need power for the project to go underway. You can undoubtedly use wire duct and cable trunking for this purpose, but it is an inefficient and rigid solution for such significant projects.

You can use an alternative form of power distribution that can make your power distribution channel much more flexible and efficient. This is known as sandwich bus duct and busbar trunking, which has become irreplaceable in the construction industry. This solution is used in a range of projects ranging from commercial projects to residential projects. But what exactly are the features of sandwich bus duct systems that can benefit your power distribution channels?

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Dynamic Tap-Off Points

Tap-off points refer to points in the power distribution channel from where you can access electricity. You can think of the power distribution channel as a water pipe and the tap-off points as taps you can open to access water. With standard cable trunking systems, these tap- off points are fixed, slowing down work on projects when you need to move around. However, with sandwich bus duct trunking, these tap-off points can be moved and varied according to your needs within the entire power distribution channel. This way, your power distribution channel will be much more flexible, and you will have a better time with your electrical needs.

Easier Planning

Since there are dynamic tap-off points, you will have an easier time planning how to use the power distribution. You will only have to think about the power load, which will make your power distribution channel more flexible. This is because you can move around tap-off points as you wish, using as many of them as possible without exceeding the power load. With cable trunking, you will have to also plan according to tap-off points and where they are available, which means your planning will not be as efficient. This way, your power distribution channel can be flexible and efficient.

Flexible Applications

Another advantage of sandwich bus duct trunking is that it allows your power distribution channel to be used for any structure regardless of its configuration. This is because you can easily modify them, which is why even if there is an amendment in the project, you can easily adjust the bus duct trunking system accordingly. For example, if extra rooms need to be added to a construction project, you can easily install more tap-off points to the power distribution channel. As a result, it becomes much more flexible to use.

Quick To Install

Sandwich bus duct trunking is easy to install and can be done quickly by only two people. This helps make the costs on-site much more manageable. On the other hand, cable trunking is expensive to set up, which can be a massive problem if you want to move the power distribution channel. With sandwich bus duct trunking, the power distribution channel is flexible and can be easily relocated. No special tools are required for sandwich bus duct installation; you can install up to 10 meters at a time. You can even futureproof them easily, making your power distribution channel much more flexible to repair, install and modify.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to large-scale projects, there are many instruments and equipment that require access to electricity so that they can fulfill the various required tasks. Often, these electrical setups are incredibly diverse and need to be appropriately coordinated. This is where sandwich bus duct trunking can help by making your power distribution channel much more flexible. This is primarily due to the dynamic tap-off points this trunking system provides, meaning you can move them around according to your needs. You cannot do this with cable trunking where the tap-off points are stationary. We have examined how sandwich bus duct trunking can benefit your power distribution channel. We also hope you can take advantage of it for your power distribution needs.

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