Types of electrical control panel? – Expert Engineers

The electrical control panels are rigid enclosure housing combination of electrical devices to control and monitor mechanical function of equipment’s or machinery.

To operate and control wide range of equipment’s, various types of electrical control panels are in use in the industries, commercial and residential installations. The electrical control panels are comprising of different components to execute programmed functions e.g. activating the equipments ON or OFF, control motor speed, operate closing for opening function of values, achieve various other movements and many more operations.

Mainly three types of electrical control panels are used:

  1. Power control centres ( PCC)
  2. Motor Control centres (MCC)
  3. Automation Panel (SCADA / PLC PANELS)

Power Control Centers (PCC Panels)

The power control centres are extensively used in distribution of electricity from source to the use. The power control centres are generally placed near power source with high fault level of 50KA or 65 KA for 1 sec. The metallic bus bars are fitled to interlink incoming power outgoing feeders. The ample space for termination of cables is provided for easy handling of the system.

The power control centres are also provided with protection and safety devices for short circuit, overload earth fault, under over voltage etc.

Motor control center (MCC Panel)

The Motor Control Center Panels (MCC Panel) are used in large industrial and commercial application to control motors from a central location.

The motor control centers are combination of multiple enclosed sections having common busbars and each section containing power contactors, protective relays, isolators and other control and indication devices. The MCC are also fitted with VFD’s, PLC’s, metering etc. as required.

The motor control centre are also provided with protection safety devices such as motor protection preventers, earth fault relays, phase reversal relay etc.

Automation Panels (SCADA / PLC PANEL)

PLC Automation Control Panels have essentially made a niche in today’s electrical distribution support system in generation, transmission as well as distribution of electricity from load to utility centres. PLC Automation Panels control the varying electrical load as per variable load demand periodic as well as intermittent and switching on sequential flow of programmable automated operation in assembly line of manufacturing as well as completion of operations.

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