Motor Control Center Panels are used in industrial and commercial applications for connecting the individual motors for manually, remotely or automatically starting, stopping, selecting forward and reverse rotation, selecting and regulating the speed, regulating or limiting the torque and protecting against overload, single phasing, reverse phasing, phase imbalance, earth fault, under current, under/over voltage, lock rotor current, high winding temperature etc.

MCC panels are consisting of one or more vertical metal cabinet sections with common power bus, motor control units with provision of individual connections and metering instruments.

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Motor Control Center are comprising of circuit breakers, starters, protection devices, controllers, etc.

  • All type of circuit breakers such as Switch Fuse Units, MCB, MPCB, MCCB, ACB are provided as per requirement.

  •  The starters are Direct on Line, Star/Delta, Auto Transformer and Soft Starting depending upon the size and use of motors.

  • The controllers are water level controllers, temperature controllers, programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, etc.

  • The protections devices include overload relays, single phase preventers, motor protection relays, earth fault relays,
    under/over voltage relays, etc.

  • Analogue or digital voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters, multifunction meters are fitted for measurement and control of data.


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