Drawout Panel

The MCC Panel with Drawout Type is commonly referred to as a Drawout Panel, Panel or MCC, among other names.

The panel chassis’s modular design allows for easy extension and modification with new features based on site requirements. complete interchangeability in terms of design between pullout modules of the same size.

The trolleys utilized here include extra safety features like door interlocking and pad locking. As a result, the trolley that holds the spare feeder parts for the MMC is completely interchangeable on site.

Drawout panel specification:
Minimal trolley dimensions in multiples of 100 and 200 millimeters (M2)
There can be up to nine 7.5 kw DOL starter modules housed in each vertical.
Maximum motor control power of 160 kW/215 HP
There is a maximum feeder size of 900mm (M9).



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