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HT Panels are used to operate electrical system at voltage higher than 1000V. In HT panels, high tension switchgear is a critical component that acts as a central hub for controlling and distributing electrical power, ensuring efficient power management, and protecting against electrical faults. High Tension Panels are consists of…

What is an Electrical Control Panel?

An electrical control panel is a rigid enclosure housing combination of electrical devices using electric power to control and monitor mechanical functions of mechanical equipments or machinery. It comprises of mainly two parts i.e. panel enclosure and electrical components. The electrical control panels are customized solutions for a particular installation. The electrical…

How Does APFC Panel Work in Electrical ?

APFC or Automatic Power Factor Control Panels are predominantly used for sustainment of Power Factor as per State Electricity Board. Power Factor is defined as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is mainly  a key factor in measuring electrical consumption. Everyone knows that how costly electricity is…

DG Synchronization Panels Its principle of working and advantages

Expert Engineers is a renowned DG Synchronization Panel manufacturer with a state-of-the -art manufacturing plant at Khushkhera, Bhiwadi . We shall briefly explain through blog; What is D.G. Synchronization, what is D.G. Synchronization panel, how does it work, why is it needed? what are the procedures of D.G. Synchronization and its advantages.…

What is an AMF Panel? | Automatic Mains Failure | how it work

AMF Panel stands for Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Panel. In commercial terminology we use this name for a system which does changeover of one Mains source and one DG source. AMF may constitute of following hardware: Fuses/Isolator/MCCB/MCB/ACB/ as incomer switch/ protection for Mains supply and DG supply. Contactor/Motorised changeover/ ACB / Motorised…

What is Auto Transformer Starter?

Auto Transformer Starter (ATS) are starting devices, for large induction motors, using reduced voltage initially, where availability of current is limited and minimum starting torque is required. The reduced voltage applied results in lower starting current and higher torque. Advantages of Auto Transformer starters More Efficient Smaller Size Better Voltage Regulation…

What is MCC Panel?

The Motor Control Center Panels (MCC Panel) are used in large industrial and commercial application to control motors from a central location. The motor control centers are combination of multiple enclosed sections having common busbars and each section containing power contactors, protective relays, isolators and other control and indication devices. The MCC…