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AMF Panel Manufacturer

AMF Panel ( Auto Mains Failure Panel )

AMF Panel Manufacturer


AMF panels are used to control start/stop of diesel generating sets in accordance with the availability of main power supply. The panels are manufactured for various capacities and different makes of diesel generating sets. These panels are incorporated with battery chargers, various protections for diesel engines.

AMF panels are consisting of one or more vertical metal cabinet sections with common power bus, motor control units with provision of individual connections and metering instruments.

AMF PANELS control system provides:-

  • DG set protections

  • Smooth Start I Stop Sequence.

  • GUI interface with TCP/ IP over GSM/GPRS

  • Audio visual indications of various fault conditions.

  • Mains failure and voltage fluctuations detection. “User friendly.

  • Consistent power supply to the load in absence of main supply.

  • Protects the load from voltage fluctuations. “Auto I Manual modes of operation.

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