Excel Control Systems has entered into a strategic tie up with L&T electrical & Automation to manufacture TTA panels in compliance with IEC 61439.

Enersys range of switchboards are backed by many years of knowledge, switchgear experience in addition to feedback from consulting engineers, electrical contractors and end users.

With Enersys range of switchboards, we assure you cutting- edge performance, superior safety, greater reliability, effective use of your capital & space, and high-class protection for your power distribution systems.

The design verified assembly together with increased versatility makes it competent to accomplish today’s challenging demands and move towards fulfilling future expectations.

Enersys range is fully compartmentalized and duly complied with the latest international standards and local regulations, elevating your power distribution to a new level.

Our commitment to excellence in panel manufacturing extends to our IEC 61439 certification as an L&T-Enersys panel builder. We adhere to the strict guidelines of the IEC 61439 standard, ensuring that our panels meet the highest industry benchmarks for quality and performance. As certified panel builders, we possess the knowledge and expertise to design and fabricate electrical panels that are not only compliant but also efficient, incorporating advanced features and technologies to enhance the overall functionality and reliability of our clients’ electrical systems.



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