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BusBar System

Electrical busbar system

Electrcal Busbar System

The Electrical BusBar is single conductor or multiple conductors used to connect electric power from the incoming source to the distribution of outgoing feeders

The Busbars distribute electric power with flexibility and ease as compared to other forms, the busbar are generally strips of highly conductive metal e.g. copper, aluminum, brass etc.

Bus Bar Protection

The busbars are protected from electrical faults. By connecting feeders in double busbar arrangement or one and half breaker scheme through breakers. The busbar protection scheme also incorporate differential relays which may be high impedance or low impedance.

  • The bus bar arrangement should be simple and easy in maintenance

  • The maintenance should not affect their continuity

  • The repair and maintenance should be easily done without disturbing their continuity

Uses of busbar arrangement

The busbar system are safely implemented in three phase power distribution system in large environment such as.

  • Industrial Establishment.

  • Data Centers.

  • Retail Outlets.

  • Institution Commercial.

  • Institution Educational.

  • Hospitals.

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