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Compact Substation (CSS)

Compact Substation

Compact Substation

The packaged Sub Station are compact enclosures consisting of MV Switch gear, Transformers, Low Voltage Switch boards and auxiliary equipments in separate compartment and accessible through compartment doors for supplying low voltage energy from medium voltage systems.

The packaged substation are state of art equipments, factory assembled, self-contained, complete weather proof substation for power distribution requirments.

The packaged substation are ready to position on concrete base with minimum site installation time and cost. The equipments are of high quality and tested an complete units.

The salient features as under:

  • Cost effective

  • Assured Safety

  • Time saving

  • Eliminated environment at hazard

  • Energy Efficient

Technical Data:

General Characteristics
Ambient Temperature Normal operating conditions -50°C to 45°C
-50°C or +60°C Derating
of MV and LV swithchboard
Standard colour RAL 7032
installation Out Door
Compartmented Yes
Type of ventilation Natural
Optional degree of protection MV and LV compartments
Transformer Compartment
IP 54
IP 23
(IP34 ON Request)
Rated enclosure class K 5 - 10
Applicable Standard IEC 62271-202
Electrical Characteristics
Rated Voltage (KV) 12 24
Rated Insulation Level kV rms, 50 HZ 1 min.
kV impulse 1.2/50 us
Rated frequency (Hz) 50 50
Rated Curremt of MV switchgear/CB's (A) 630 630
Max. Allowable impulse current withstand kA rms - 1 s
kA peak
Maximum LV Current (A) 3200 3200
LV Current withstand (kA) 56/65 50/65

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