The Motor Control Center Panels (MCC Panel) are used in large industrial and commercial application to control motors from a central location.

The motor control centers are combination of multiple enclosed sections having common busbars and each section containing power contactors, protective relays, isolators and other control and indication devices. The MCC are also fitted with VFD’s, PLC’s, metering etc. as required

motor control center panel

Various types of starter are used depending upon requirement/capacity:

  • DOL Starter
  • Star Delta Starter
  • Auto Transformer Starter
  • Soft Starter

The motor can be controlled manually by using start/stop push button or automatically by providing external signals from sensors in the field/PLC in the same panel.

The Protective devices commonly used are.

  • Motor Protection Relays
  • Overload Relays
  • Under/Over Voltage Relays
  • Single Phase Preventors
  • Earth Fault Relays
  • Phase Reversal Relays

The power factor correction panels are also incorporated in MCC’s to improve the power factor. Sometimes individual capacitors are used to improve power factor of particular motors.

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